How To Use


1) unzip The file
2) Copy the file named TimeBasedGreeting.php and the readme file to your WordPress->wp-content-plugins folder (wordpress/wp-content/plugins/)
3) Go to your wordpress website and login with your username and password.You should see your Dash Board
4) Click on Plugins (which is on the left hand side menu) and Time Based Greeting plugin should appear.
5) Activate It

Usage Instructions

  1.  Now go to widgets page and You can see a widget named “Time Widget”.Drag it to the sidebar of your choice and click on it.
  2.  It will show a link “Go to Settings page”.
  3. On clicking that you will be redirected to admin options settings page for this plugin where you can put your settings.
  4. Settings Options
  5. It has 4 sections
  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening
  • Night
Under each section you have three options
a) Time Settings (Give starting time here in (0-23) format)
For eg. 7 means 7 Am or 7 in the morning,13 means 1PM or 1 IN the afternoon,18 means 6PM or 6 in the evening and 1 menas 1Am or 1 in night (after 12).

b) Message Settings: Write your message which you want to display on that particular time.

c) Image Settings: Here you have to give the name of a small image(approx 150X150) which you want to display according to time of the day. (example: imagename.png)

Store images in the same folder where your wordpress has been installed.
for example “your image named as “xyz.jpg”,copy this image in the same folder where your wordpress has been installed and paste it there.
ON the image settings page of your blog give the name as xyz.jpg.
Click on update button and your are ready.Visit site to check if everything is working.

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