Time based Greeting

Thank you  for showing interest in my plugin.I hope you will find this plugin useful. Please feel free to add comments/suggestions/feedback etc.

Time Based Greeting and More is a unique plugin which allows you to display different images and messages depending on your website/blog visitor TIME.

You can use this plugin to

  • Greet your website users with greeting messages and images which is changed according to Time of The day!
  • Promote your products/services with Message and image which is changed according to Time of The day!
  • Ads,Affiliate programs
  • Etc… Do Post how you are using it.

To Set it up, a very easy to use Admin Section is provided. Set up once and forget. Plugin will automatically take care to show relevant message and image.

I would Love to hear your suggestions, or any new ideas.Please feel free to post.

You can get a more advanced version of this plugin with lot more features at http://wpplugins.com/plugin/927/time-based-greeting/
If you want this plugin to be customized according to your needs then you can mail me at yashbin@hotmail.com with subject as “Time Plugin”. I would love to hear from you.Enjoy Life!!
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